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Drone Training Programs: 3 Tips To Help You Get Certified For Commercial Drone Use

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Technology for radio controlled crafts has improved, which has also opened up a market for hobby drones. But new laws are starting to be put in place to govern unmanned aircraft. If you want to use a drone for commercial or recreational use, you will want to get ahead of the laws and get certified. Here are some tips that can help you get a head start on your drone certification for commercial drone piloting: 1. Get A Head Start Practicing With Smaller Hobby Models If you have not already flown a drone, there is no better time like the present to get started. To help you gain an understanding of drones and controlling them, invest in smaller hobby drones to get started. If you have space, you may be able to practice on your own property. There are also clubs and groups that you can join to start practicing flying if you do not have space. You may want to contact a drone training program and talk with them about some of these groups that you can join to start getting practice. 2. Understanding The Common Problems With Drones And Repairs Drones can be very dangerous, and it is not just a crash that can cause damage. Damaged parts of drones can also be a hazard. This is why it is important to understand the components of your drone and the repair needs that it may have. Common repairs that you will need to do include replacing motors and changing broken blades on the craft. Knowing how to do these repairs will help ensure safe flying. 3. Getting Familiar With Local And National Laws For Flying Unmanned Aircraft There are many different laws governing unmanned aircraft, which you should understand. For a smaller drone, it may be fine to fly it on your own property at low altitudes. For larger crafts, you want to obey laws. You may also want to check to see laws for drones in your community, which can be in place. The laws can also vary by country, so you want to check the laws if you plan on travelling and flying your drone. A drone training program can help you with the certifications you need to fly a drone in different areas and ensure that you are obeying the law where you fly. These are some tips that can help you get a head start on getting certified to pilot a drone for commercial use. If you are ready to start with your training, contact a drone university to start getting the training you need to pilot a...

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3 Critical Factors Adult Students Should Consider When Choosing An Online College

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Online courses of study are increasingly being offered by prestigious colleges, trade schools, and other college accredited institutions in an effort to entice adult students. This leaves prospective students in a position where they need to utilize their own criteria when looking at various schools. No matter which online college you choose, here are the three vital factors you should use when comparing your online college choices. Areas Of Study And Tuition It is possible to find multiple online colleges offering even the most highly specialized areas of study, but there may be major differences in what is actually being offered by each school. Comparing different degree programs, prerequisites, class schedules and tuition amounts can distinguish the colleges best suited for your life quickly and easily. As long as you know what you would like to study and what degree level you’d like to complete you will find going to college as an adult to be one of the greatest things you can do for your future. Credit Transfer Eligibility While most students go to college believing that they have found the perfect school and course of study, anything can happen in the future. From unforeseen illness to changing majors, there are plenty of legitimate reasons for a student to need to take a leave of absence or transfer to a different institution of higher learning. When choosing an online college, such as Chatfield College, as an adult student, you should make certain that your school offers transferable credits for all courses. In addition, many prospective adult college students have existing college credits that they would like to be able to transfer to their new schools. Learn which online schools will accept transfer able college credits from other colleges you have attended in the past. Also learn if you can receive additional credits for life and work experience to get a jump-start on your new educational path. Post Education Resources Some colleges make a number of excellent post-graduation employment resources available to past students, while others offer internships programs and partnerships with large-scale employers. Although you may not need to make use of these types of resources until you get closer to your graduation date, they will make it easier much easier for you to segue into your new career. Mentorship programs and college alumni groups can also be highly beneficial for adult college graduates when it comes to networking and entering new industries. Look at the various post graduation resources the online colleges you’re interested have to offer to help you come to an informed...

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Three Questions A Classroom Observation Will Answer That Schools Won’t

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If you are interested in selecting a school for your children, you should do everything you can to make an informed decision. Many private schools will host visitors nights that will offer you the chance to learn more information about applying and attending the school. Along with going to the visitors nights to become informed, you should also request classroom observation. Here are three questions that a day of classroom observation will answer that would be hard for the school to answer Are learning tools and technology up to date? Knowing the year of the textbooks and being able to see for yourself the types of electronics that are used in the classroom will give you an idea on how up to date the school is with technology. It is important for most students to learn how to use new technology, as advancements are continuously made in the educational field. Knowing how much technology is used inside of the classroom and how is important to knowing the type of technological gains your students will make.  How big and interactive are classes? Whether or not the classes that your student will attend are primarily lectures or interactive is good to know, especially if you have a student who has a learning disability and tends to learn better in one way or another. Pay close attention to how many questions are asked to the class and what happens at the end of any lectures to know what your students learning days will look like. Along with this, you need to know that your student will be able to get plenty of personal attention if necessary. Take note of the size of any classes that you look in on to determine if they are right for your learner. What is the student happiness and classroom engagement factor? One thing that is much more difficult to deduce from a visitors night is how happy and engaged students are engaged in the learning process. If students are happily answering questions and willingly having discourse with one another and the teacher, you know that the classroom is one that has made them feel comfortable with expression and their opinion. Most of all, you want to make sure that your child will be happy to come in and engage with their peers and professors. A school that produces scholars who feel confident in expressing themselves throughout the educational process is one that you can entrust your own child with for the duration of their secondary school...

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How To Make The Transition Into Daycare Easier On Your Toddler

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If you need to get back into the workforce and send your toddler, who has been home with you up until this point, to daycare, you may be worried about how he or she will adapt. Spending the daytime in daycare is a lot different from spending it at home with mom and dad. Your child will need time to get used to being around other children and listening to other adults. To make this transition easier on your little one, follow these tips: Start off with just a few days per week or a few hours per day. Ideally, you should begin acclimating your child to daycare a few weeks before you go back to work. This way, you can send him or her just one or two days per week in the beginning, and allow the child to adapt to that schedule before daycare becomes an everyday thing. You could also try sending your child to daycare for just two or three hours per day at first, and then working up to a whole day by the time you have to go back to work. Work on “daycare skills” at home. In order to do well at daycare, your child will need to know how to sit and listen to another adult’s instructions. He or she will also need to learn how to play with other children. Prior to enrolling your child in daycare, work on developing these skills at home. Have a close adult friend come over and do some craft activities and play with your child so he or she learns to respect other adults. Invite some children of the same age over, and encourage them to play with your child so they both learn how to share and how to make friends. Don’t let emotions get the best of you. Watching your little one go off to daycare for the first time can be heartbreaking. Your child is likely to shed some tears. But if you start crying too, this will just re-affirm to your child that there is something to be upset about. When your child gets sad or upset about daycare, put on your strong face and emphasize to him or her that everything is going to be okay. It’s perfectly fine for you to shed some tears about your little one growing up – just don’t do it in front of your child. Some children have a harder time adapting to daycare than others, but with the tips above, you can ensure your child’s transition is as smooth as possible. For more help, contact a school like Cottonwood...

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Writing A Winning Middle-School Essay On George Washington

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As America’s first president, George Washington is an intriguing and oft-written about historical figure. Writing a great middle school essay about him should be a piece of cake, but there are a lot of silly myths and untruths that haunt the president’s career. Sort through these inconsistencies, find an intriguing topic, and supporting material to write a truly great essay. Ignore The Silly Myths Washington has been practically deified since the beginning of his presidency, to the point that it’s hard to separate the fact and fiction of his life. A little research should help you break through the childish myths and find actually interesting information. For example, George Washington did not: Throw a dollar across the Hudson River Tell the truth about a chopped-down cherry tree Oppose slavery in any way Finding out that many of these supposed facts are wrong is often disheartening, but it can help you dig deeper into the heart of what made George Washington an interesting person. It wasn’t because he supposedly threw a dollar across a river, that’s for sure. Find Interesting Facts That People Don’t Know After discarding the obvious myths that surround Washington’s life, it’s time to focus on an aspect of his life that captures your attention. For example, there is evidence that suggests that Washington was one of the sickest presidents ever, suffering from diphtheria, tuberculosis, smallpox, malaria, and pneumonia at various points of his life. The fact that Washington was able to not only successfully wage a war, but serve two terms as a president in such sickness is something that more people need to know. And it’s just the kind of useful angle you can hang on a great historical essay. Brainstorm a main idea (such as “how did Washington’s sicknesses influence his decision making?”) and begin doing some research to find supporting evidence. Planning And Writing Your Essay Once you’ve come up with a topic (such as the one mentioned above), you need to finally write your paper. Writing a great essay on George Washington includes the following steps: Researching your point by reading heavily about his life and his sicknesses Coming up with several key points (such as the way his sicknesses affected his personal, presidential, and military lives) based on your research Write your thesis statement (i.e. the main point of your paper, such as “George Washington’s overwhelmingly sick nature influenced his decision making, but not in a destructive manner.”) Write the rest of the essay, using a paragraph or two to support each point you want to make Finish up by writing the introduction and conclusion paragraphs: saving these for last makes them easier to craft Follow these tips to write the best George Washington essay in your whole school. You can actually tweak this process to essay about any interesting historical figure, such as Thomas Jefferson or Harriet Tubman. Click here for...

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Helping Someone With Dysgraphia Improve Their Corresponding Skills

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Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects handwriting and fine motor skills needed to write down thoughts. When someone suffers from dysgraphia, they will most likely want to work on options to help relieve the condition so others can understand the messages they are trying to convey. Here are the signs of this disorder in an attempt to determine if this is the cause for someone’s inability to write legibly, as well as some methods one can use to help someone with this condition so they are better understood when they use writing as a method to correspond with others. Knowing The Signs Of Dysgraphia When someone suffers from this condition, they have difficulty transferring their thoughts onto paper in a positive way. Because of this difficulty, they may falter with their writing by doing some of the following: adding spaces in the wrong spots within text writing so it is unreadable to others writing with an inappropriate mixture of upper-case and lower-case letters turning letters around, for example using the letter “b” instead of a letter “d” within text writing with unfinished or missing words within the text showing difficulty thinking and writing at the same time writing very slowly complaining of a hand that hurts because of grasping the writing utensil while trying to write down thoughts Getting Help For This Condition Having an evaluation done by a professional is recommended in order to make a positive diagnosis of this condition. The clinician will observe the person as they attempt to write, noting their fine motor skills during the process. They will then evaluate the finished written product to determine whether there are learning differences present. An individualized plan will be constructed to help the person improve their fine motor and cognitive skills so they can work together without difficulty. This will often be done by over-teaching letters to the person so they are able to write them down with their eyes closed. Using cursive is also a great way for someone to improve their skills as there is less chance in writing an incorrect letter, since there is a constant flow in writing each word from beginning to end. Methods That May Help With Writing Skills There are a few ways the person can get their thoughts out to others without the embarrassment of struggling with paper and pen. Teachers will often allow a student to do oral tests instead of written ones if this condition has been confirmed. The use of a word processor to type out text instead of necessitating handwriting skills can also be useful in allowing the person to convey thoughts effectively.  If oral or typed methods are not possible, the person may fare better using wide-ruled paper so they have ample space to write. Providing them with pencil grips can also be helpful as it will help their hand become less likely to become cramped from a tight...

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3 Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child In A Daycare Program

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As a parent, you care greatly about your child and want to make sure that they are always receiving the best care. This is especially true when they are being cared for by someone other than yourself. If you need to be away from your child for any amount of time during each day, you want to make sure that they are in a great environment. A daycare program can create this environment for your child and can give you peace of mind when you are away from them. This article will discuss 3 benefits of enrolling your child in a daycare program.  It Gives Your Child Early Socialization It is very important that your child learns to interact with others from a young age. This will create their foundation for future social interactions, and it can really help them to know how to properly deal with other children and adults. Daycare is a great location for your child to learn socialization because they will be surrounded by adults and children of varying ages. Your child will become aware of others and their needs, and he or she will learn basic things such as sharing toys, obeying rules, etc.  They Will Be In A Formal and Structured Environment Another benefit of enrolling your child in daycare is that they are going to be in more structured and formal environment than if they were simply being watched by an individual. This is excellent because you know that your child is going to be safe and that certain rules and regulations are going to be followed. It also ensures that their time spent in daycare is going to be structured with activities that help them to learn, such as reading, writing, music, exercise, etc. You will also know that this structure means that all of their needs are met, such as meal times and nap time. It Creates A Stable Arrangement For The Parent  Relying on a friend or family member to watch your child for you when you are working or otherwise occupied can sometimes be unstable, depending on the arrangement. You may not be able to rely on this person as much as you’d like, creating even more stress for you. If you enroll your child in a daycare program then not only are they in a stable environment, but you also have a stable arrangement. You will have the comfort of knowing that you can drop your child off and then pick them up at designated times each day. You can click here for more info on daycare...

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College Admission Criteria

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If you are getting ready to apply to college, you probably have concerns about being accepted. What exactly should you do to get into the schools of your choice?  Many schools use a variety of criteria to determine admission, so you need to score well on the ACT and/or SAT as well as demonstrate other attributes. Grades Do not be fooled. Nothing will make up for a record of mediocre grades throughout high school. College admission boards expect you to demonstrate dedication, determination, and consistency in your academic pursuits. Good grades alone will not suffice, however. The classes you take are also important. Performing well in less demanding classes has little value for your college admittance. However, high grades in AP courses will certainly help your cause.  Community Service Community service does not have as much impact on college admission as it used to, but the more competitive schools still weigh it carefully. However, you will make a bigger impression if you have committed to one charity or organization for an extended period of time rather than jumping here and there for short periods. Also, the really “big name” schools are looking for unique community service, something you designed yourself. For instance, if you develop an adoption program for elderly pets, the admission committee will be more impressed than if you simply work at an animal shelter. Test Scores Scoring well on the ACT or SAT is still important for your academic success. Most schools take these tests into consideration when they decide on your admittance. You need to score somewhere in the school’s average range of scores to improve your odds. Also, taking these tests may allow colleges to come to you if you opt to let the test company release your information.  A good score on the tests can also help you to earn scholarship money, something that can reduce the stress of high tuition costs. These tests are still an important part of the college selection process.  A bad test score will not necessarily sink your college dreams, but a good score will make them more likely to come true. As a result, you should consider taking an ACT prep class or two to prepare for them. Knowing what to expect will help you feel more confident and score better when you do take these standardized exams. In addition, you still need to demonstrate a record of academic achievement and community...

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Four Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Tutoring Session

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Getting the most out of an online tutoring session has everything to do with the student. What you put into the session is exactly what you will get out of it. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to increase the chance of success with your session. Schedule A Break Make sure you speak with your tutor about scheduling a short break during your session. This is especially important if your session will last more than an hour. Sitting at a table or desk looking at a computer screen can be far more boring than if you were actually sitting at a table with your tutor, actively engaging with one another. Scheduling a few breaks in between gives you a chance to re-energize and re-focus. Stay Active When looking at a computer screen, it can be fairly easy to disengage. Make certain you are staying alert if you want to get the most out of your tutoring session. For example, when the tutor is performing a problem over a whiteboard or other interface, grab a piece of paper and a pencil and work the problem out at the same time. This won’t just help you learn easier, it will also keep you more engaged in the session. Minimize Distractions When a tutor is sitting right in front of you, you wouldn’t pull out your phone and scroll through your social media accounts while they were talking. Don’t take advantage of the fact that the tutor isn’t right there with you and allow yourself to get distracted by your cell phone, television or other device. Treat the environment where you plan to perform your online session in the same manner as you would if the tutor was sitting there with you. Gather What You Need In order to minimize your need to get up and miss out on important parts of the tutoring session, take a few moments to collect everything you need beforehand. For example, if you know your feet start to hurt when you sit for long periods of time, grab a foot stool. If you want a snack, grab it beforehand. The overall idea is to prepare ahead so you have everything you need near you. Whether it’s for an exam or just to get ahead in class, online tutoring is an excellent tool. Make sure you are taking steps to get the most out of your session. To learn more about online tutoring, contact a company like Academic Advantage Tutoring...

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3 Tips For Choosing Your First Electric Guitar

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So you’ve finally decided to rock out and purchase your first electric guitar. Nothing is quite as exciting as having those nickel wound strings slide under your fingers as you bend and wail. Trying to pick out an electric guitar can be a daunting task, however. There are numerous things of which you should be aware before choosing an electric guitar that’s right for you.  Low Action When choosing your first guitar, it’s probably for the best if you choose an instrument with “low” or “fast” action. Action basically refers to the distance of the string from the frets. A guitar with low or fast action means that the strings are quite close to the fretboard itself. This makes playing a bit easier and less stressful to your fingers. Although the action can be adjusted on most guitars, it is probably for the best if you choose an instrument with an “out of the box”, or already preset, fast action.  Style of Music Which style of music do you plan on playing? The electric guitar you choose will largely be determined by the answer to this question. For example, Fender Stratocasters have been the go-to guitar for blues and rock and roll players for years, while more modern musical genres, like metal, lend themselves to guitars with an extremely high action and thin neck, such as a Jackson or B.C. Rich. If it’s Nashville flavored country you want to play, then perhaps a Fender Telecaster will be right for you, with its rich and twangy treble-heavy tone. The Gibson Les Paul and SG have always had a warm, heavy sound that has been just right for hard rockers throughout the ages. Budget If you’re a beginner, it is highly recommended that you do not buy an overly expensive model. Even the most dedicated of learners can become frustrated with playing guitar due to its difficulty to master. There are plenty of inexpensive models out there that are also high quality. Both of the big name guitar brands – Fender and Gibson – have budget models that are generally considered to be high-quality instruments. Take the time to try these inexpensive models out and see if they feel and sound right for you. Choosing your first electric guitar is not the easiest task in the world. There are plenty of things to consider before settling for a model that is right for you. Hopefully, this brief article has given you an idea of what to look for in an electric guitar. Contact a company like Welch Music for more help in selecting the perfect electric guitar for...

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